Drums & Dragons Makes a Big Impact for PACE

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CarePartners PACE was awarded $2,177 as part of their fundraising efforts for Drums and Dragons in 2018.

The Foundation has been gathering stories from the different designations of CarePartners Health Services who received funds from last year’s Drums and Dragons proceeds.

One such group is CarePartners PACE, or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, who was awarded $2,177 as part of their fundraising efforts for Drums & Dragons in 2018.

Here is what Laura Baker-Seseika, Program Development Manager for PACE had to say about their use of their Drums & Dragons earnings:

“With the Foundation’s help, we were able to purchase an Anodyne Therapy System (Neuroprobe 500Pro).  This system creates an infrared light and is great noninvasive system used to treat neuropathy, among other things.”

Additionally, we now have a new OmniVersa Multimodality unit.  This unit allows the therapist to decide between electrotherapy and ultrasound to deliver them modalities to heat tissue in different ways to promote blood flow and help with healing.

We also used Drums & Dragons proceeds funds this year to install a rear door to the PACE clinic, enabling greater privacy for our staff/participants and increased security for them, as well as our medical equipment supplies.”

We are very grateful!

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