Drums and Dragons Volunteer Spotlight

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Emily Dreibelbis arrived bright and early on June 23 at Lake Julian Park to volunteer her time for Drums and Dragons, a fundraiser and boat race for CarePartners. Having recently moved from Nashville, TN to Asheville, Emily wanted to volunteer with CarePartners Foundation as a way to meet new people and also learn more about the services CarePartners provides. Emily was assigned to the check-in table at the event and she was the first point of contact for many of the guests attending Drums and Dragons. “It was a really great experience. I had a wonderful group of ladies working with me, it was a beautiful day, and everyone was there for a good cause,” noted Emily.

“Emily was an absolute gem of a volunteer,” commented Angelica Archer, Event Coordinator for CarePartners Foundation. “She worked a double shift and had an amazing attitude that just brought such positivity to Drums and Dragons.” When asked about her volunteer experience Emily stated, “Volunteering is something that can bring everyone joy. It isn’t a huge time commitment and giving back to your community by supporting CarePartners can change someone else’s life and maybe even your own,” she remarked.

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